The Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation (LICSF) is a New Hampshire based 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that teaches children important safety lessons through live musical programs. Lil’ Iguana’s programs are presented in elementary schools, child care facilities, and community events throughout New England and along the East Coast and feature lessons like Buckle-Up, Street Smarts, Get Permission, Who’s a Stranger, and Run, Run, Run, Yell & Tell!  Through corporate & individual sponsorships, the foundation is able to present the Lil’ Iguana Live! program in elementary schools free of charge.  These award-winning programs have been presented in front of over 3 million people in seven countries.  Lil’ Iguana’s programming has been credited with saving countless children, with the youngest child being just age 3.

Since 1994, LICSF has created several proactive, prevention programs to keep kids safe from abduction, child predators, and serious accidental injuries. LICSF’s proactive prevention programs are all centered on music and are designed specifically for children ages 2-8.

LICSF uses educational and proactive teaching mechanisms to ensure children stay safe throughout their childhoods.  It has been proven that children learn from interactive, music-based programs; this is why Lil’ Iguana is so effective.  LICSF’s music driven programs keep children engaged so they can learn countless safety lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives.

LICSF’s programs focus on proactive teaching and prevention because reactive programs are too late to save a child’s life.  Prevention programs initiated early in a child’s life will help reduce abuse and accidental injuries, while shrinking health care costs associated with these problems. 

Why We Use Proactive, PREVENTION Programs:

– More children die every year from preventable injuries than die from all diseases combined
– The most abused & neglected age group is cradle to 3 years old
– A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds
– Every 40 seconds a child becomes missing or abducted
– 80% of 21 year olds who reported childhood abuse met the criteria for at least one psychological disorder

For more information regarding LICSF, visit our webpage today: https://www.liliguanausa.org/programs