Campfire Day – Tips & Coloring Sheet

Who’s going camping this weekend to celebrate National Campfire Day? Lil’ Iguana and his friends love to sing song around the campfire and roast marshmallows. Alli always has a book, and C.K. always helps her brother lead the music.

Lil’ Iguana and his friends always have a parent help them set up the fire. They follow campfire safety and clear a 10-foot area around the pit down to the dirt, removing anything that could catch on fire placing rocks around what will be fire as well. Together they stack extra wood upwind and away from fire. After the have it set up, one of their parent’s helps light the fire by throwing a match into the fire. None of his friends ever leave the campfire unattended and an adult is always near by at all time.

Click here to download the printable PDF: Activity Sheet – Campfire Day

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