DIY Lil’ Iguana Spikes

DIY Lil’ Iguana Spikes

Make this easy, wearable craft with your child!



  • One sheet of Green Construction PaperDSC_0868
  • Two Sheets of Yellow Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler




Step 1:  Take the green sheet of the construction paper. Measure out and cut four 1-1/2-inch strips the long way. Two of these strips will be used for the headband, and two of the strips will be used to hold the spikes.DSC_0870DSC_0873 (1)

Step 2: Take the yellow two sheets of construction paper. Measure out and cut five 2-inch strips the short way for both pages. These will become your spikes!


Step 3: Now, fold each of the two-inch papers in half. Draw a half-diamond on each paper as shown. Make sure the point of the diamond is NOT pointed toward the fold. Make sure to leave space underneath the half diamond.

DSC_0888DSC_0891 (1)

Step 4: Cut along the lines to create the spikes. Open them up.

Step 5: Connect the two of the long green strips with glue (from step one) and begin gluing the open spikes onto the connected strips.



Step 6: Flip the cross piece over glue the tips of spikes together (use paper clips to keep the spikes together if necessary)

DSC_0916 DSC_0931


Step 7: Make the headband with the remaining two strips.


Step 8: Measure and tape around your child’s head. Glue the spikes onto the headband at the forehead and the back of the headband.

DSC_0938Lil Iguana pnhDSC_0943DSC_0945

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