Fork Leprechaun

Fork Leprechaun

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s a simple art piece your family can make in thirty minutes or less!

Here’s what you’ll need:DSC_1036

  • Orange paint
  • Fork
  • Brown and pink crayons
  • Green, yellow, white, and black paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

Step one: Draw the leprechaun’s face with the brown crayon onto the white paper. On the sides of the face, draw two semicircles for ears!


Step two:  Dip the fork into the orange paint and dab the paint onto the leprechaun’s face for the beard. Remember the eyebrows!



Step three: Apply the googly eyes under the eyebrows. Draw an upside-down “U” for the nose and draw a wide “U” for the mouth with the brown crayon. Color pink circles for the cheeks with the pink crayon.


Step four: Cut the green construction paper into the hat. Cut a strip out of the black construction paper to fit across the hat. Cut out a thick outline of a square out of the yellow construction paper and glue it to the center of the black strip.


Step five: Lastly, glue the hat onto the leprechaun’s head and sign your name at the bottom with the black marker!

DSC_1078 (1)

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!

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