Paper Birds

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, this project is great way to teach the basics of aerodynamics by a paper “airplanes” bird. Add to the fun by creating competition by longest flight in time, longest flight in distance, and most loops in flight.



Carefully, cut out all of the pieces.

Glue the yellow triangles to the front of the bird as the beak.

Next, take the pink colored paper for tail.

The fold for this is an accordion fold or you go back and forth with the paper.

Carefully cut the paper in half.

Glue or tape the pink paper to the end of the bird.

Add eyes to the bird by using the scraps of paper and cutting small circles.

Glue the circles to the bird.

Next, we make the wings by using the accordion fold on the blue paper.

Place the folded blue paper in the middle slot of the bird.

Optional, you could even add string or ribbon to the bird and hang it up.

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