Run, Run, Run, Yell, & Tell – Safety Sheet

What should you do if a stranger wants you to go with them and you don’t have permission to go with them? RUN away as fast as you can.  As you are running YELL as loud as you can.  Yell something like “This isn’t my parent!” so other adults will know you need help.  Then find a policeman, security guard or other responsible adult and TELL them what happened.  

Your child can color the image below of Lil’ Iguana and his friends running away from a someone they did not have permission to see. Then your child can write who they would tell if a stranger tries to take them. Share your children’s art work with us on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag: #liliguanafun

Click here to download the printable PDF: Safety Sheet – Run, Run, Run, Yell, & Tell

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