Seashell Fish – Craft

Turn your beach treasures into an adorable creature. No trip to the beach this summer, no problem! Seashells are readily available at craft stores or online for purchase. Most of the time you can purchase them in a large bag for even more projects. These fun fish can decorate the garden or bathroom or even frame them in a shadow box for the bedroom.

Art Supplies:

First, you’ll need seashells in assorted sizes. The big ones will be used for the body and the smaller ones for the fins. Lay all the shells out first, pair the smaller sizes (fins) with the larger shells (bodies) deciding how the fish to look.

Next, paint the shells and let dry.

Then, glue them together and add your wiggly googly eyes. I used white craft glue, but it can be a little harder because it takes longer to dry. You can use a hot glue gun as well.

Mix up the colors for funky fish.

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