Tell Your Kids To ALWAYS Get Permission

Children should always know that everyone should be considered a stranger until they get permission from their parents.

Recently, a young boy in Rockland, MA was taken away by a man who claimed to be a family friend. Fortunately, the man released the boy and he found his way home. However, police believe that this may have been a “dry run” for a future child abduction

We don’t want to make it easy for these dangerous individuals to get a hold of our children. That is why Lil’ Iguana’s message of “Getting Permission” is so important to preventing abductions like these.

All children need to understand that they shouldn’t go anywhere unless they have permission from their parents to do so. In this situation, the young boy should have known not to get in the car with a strange man because he didn’t ask his parents if it was okay first.

We want our kids to be trusting to a point, but also need them to be aware of the dangers out there in the world. There are over 740,000 registered sex offenders in the United States and many more that have yet to be accounted for. Our goal at Lil’ Iguana is to educate smart kids who know how to avoid these terrible people.

Please take a moment today to remind your child about the threat of strangers and always asking for permission before making a decision. Our song “Get Permission!” should help them remember this important lesson.

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