Tissue Box Guitar

Is your son or daughter singing the blues on a rainy day? Below are instructions for a simple craft to make a tissue box guitar your child can use to help sing the day away.


Empty tissue box (the long kind is recommended)
Empty paper towel roll
4 Rubber bands (you may want more in case one snaps)
Tape or glue
Scissors or something to cut with (you do not need scissors for this craft if preferred)
Markers or colored pencils
Stickers and other items to decorate with



Remove the cellophane within the box.
tissue box no plastic
Cut around the edge of the opening where the tissues come through. This will make it easier to strum. If you are doing this with a small child, make sure you do all of the steps that require use of the scissors. If you are letting your child complete the craft alone, note they should not use sharp objects and only rip off the cellophane.
tissue box cut
Trace and cut a hole in the box for the neck (paper towel roll) on one of the small sides of the box. Put your paper towel roll on top. Use your marker to trace around the roll, and then cut out the circle.
tissue box hole
Cut the edge of the paper towel into four.
Insert the neck into the hole about two inches. Create flaps inside the box. Tape and glue the four flaps inside the box. If you are not using scissors, glue and/or tape the edge of the paper towel roll to the side of the tissue box.
insert insid
Make four small holes on both sides of the box.
holes strings
If you do not want to use scissors, you can simply place the rubber band around the box length wise.
no cut
Once the four holes are creates, cut the four rubber bands in half.
Place the rubber bands in the four holes on one side, knotting the rubber bands on the inside of the box.
Complete this on the other side of the box to create your strings.
Now you are ready to strum.
complete no extra
If you want to go further, you can decorate your guitar to make it unique. Paint, spray paint, or even wrap plain paper around the handle.
complete with paper
Color with markers or colored pencils to make a completed look. Feel free to add stickers or any other additional decorations.

Happy Strumming!

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