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Who’s a Stranger?

Who is a stranger? This always seems like a tough topic for parents and educators to teach, but Lil’ Iguana has made it easy! The Lil’ Iguana Foundation teaches that everyone is a stranger, unless you have permission to go with them. It is important to teach your children that everyone is a stranger, unless they have permission to go with them right then and there. By telling your child everyone is a stranger, it doesn’t mean someone is scary or bad, it just means your child needs to get permission before going anywhere with anyone.  That way it is easy for them.  No matter what,...[Read more]

National Window Cord Safety Month

Increase Child Safety at Home During National Window Covering Safety Month October is National Window Cord Safety Month and Budget Blinds Offers Great Tips on How to Child-Proof Your Home Guest Post by Gary Zimmerman of Budget Blinds of Amherst: Parents are told they need to cut the cord and let their child fly, but cutting the cord on your window coverings when you have young kids is even more important. Seemingly harmless cords from your blinds can turn deadly if toddlers get entwined in them. October is National Window Cord Safety month. This presents an opportune time to assess the safety...[Read more]

Understanding Your Child’s ‘Harm Alarm’

Getting a moment of silence from our little chatterbugs can seem like a vacation, but there are times when it is incredibly important for a child to speak out. Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation teaches children about their “harm alarm,” which is the funny or uncomfortable feeling someone gets when they know something is not right. We teach kids to run away when they get that feeling and tell an adult they trust. It is important for your child to feel comfortable enough to communicate what is going on inside them. The best way to make that happen is to give them the...[Read more]

Enter Our Crafty Cup Challenge and WIN A BIKE

Lil’ Iguana teaches your kids to protect themselves, but he also wants to see them to express themselves! Our little green buddy knows that the best ideas can come from the simplest things. A little imagination can make your child turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. A healthy and happy childhood includes plenty of chances to get creative. With that in mind, Lil’ Iguana invites you and your children to join in his Crafty Cup Challenge. The best part? One Winner Will Receive a New Bike and Helmet!!! Sound great? It is super easy to enter our creative contest. Here is...[Read more]

Lil’ Iguana Hosts Another Fantastic Family Fun Day

Lil’ Iguana is happy to report an amazingly successful day of family fun was had on Saturday We were so pleased to see another big turnout of families come to our Family Fun Day this year. “Since 1999, our goal has been to make this a low-cost and widely-accessible experience for all families. Nashua South High School hosted our Family Fun Day again and the growth has been incredible. This time around we saw over 3,000 of you come in and see what Family Fun Day has to offer. That is an astounding number of people and really pumps us up to deliver even more fun. Your kids bounced...[Read more]

Who Is Ready For Family Fun Day?

We are getting incredibly excited about bringing you all a ton of fun at Family Fun Day this Saturday. Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation has so much fun in store for your family this weekend. Best of all, this day of activities, entertainment and more is available without you paying a cent. We are proud to offer a FREE EVENT during tough economic times where some time for family fun can be considered a luxury. So what can your children do at Lil’ Iguana’s Family Fun Day this year? Let us give you a sneak preview: Bounce around in one of our many bounce houses provided by...[Read more]

Tell Your Kids To ALWAYS Get Permission

Children should always know that everyone should be considered a stranger until they get permission from their parents. Recently, a young boy in Rockland, MA was taken away by a man who claimed to be a family friend. Fortunately, the man released the boy and he found his way home. However, police believe that this may have been a “dry run” for a future child abduction We don’t want to make it easy for these dangerous individuals to get a hold of our children. That is why Lil’ Iguana’s message of “Getting Permission” is so important to preventing abductions like...[Read more]