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How to Make Pizza

In order to make a pizza you need pizza dough, mozzarella, and pizza sauce.   1: Roll out the dough 2: place sauce on the rolled out pizza dough 3: place the mozzarella on the rolled out dough 4: place the pizza in the oven until done.   Enjoy with friends and...[Read more]

How to Make a Chocolate Milk

Everyone loves a good chocolate milk. Remember that chocolate milk isn’t just a snack or regular drink. It should be saved for desserts or special occasion. All it takes is some milk, chocolate milk or powder, an empty glass, and a spoon.  1: Pour the milk into the empty glass. 2: put the chocolate mix into the glass of milk 3: Mix the chocolate milk and milk Enjoy the drink. Share your chocolate milk mustaches with us using #liliguanafun...[Read more]

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious and nutritious. They can be grown in gardens and farms and orchards. Some can be found in the wild. All are good for you and are great for all kinds of meals and foods. Now all fruits and vegetables are good raw. Simply wash and eat. Some require a little bit more work raw. Carrots should be peeled, pomegranates should be popped open, oranges should be peeled, and bananas should be peeled as well. But sometimes you want to prepare them in other ways. Some vegetables are really only serviceable once cooked. Corn is a vegetable that should only be...[Read more]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers day! Be sure to be kind to your father today. Spend time with them. And most importantly, thank your father for all they do in your life. Here’s a little drawing you can print out and color in for your father. A little gift but is something that any father would appreciate. You can even take the time to color it in with your...[Read more]

Pretzel Day Maze

Pretzels are a salty treat. There are different kinds of pretzels that can be served a lot of different ways. Some pretzels are served hard and in stick form. Some pretzels are soft and warm. They’re good with a lot of different dipping sauces and toppings. Some people like sweets like caramel and chocolate as dipping sauces for a pretzel. Some people like savories like mustard and salt and vinegar. Here’s a little maze that Lil’ Iguana needs to get through to get to his little sisters. Simply trace your path in between the darker lines. This puzzle might be hard so just keep...[Read more]

Earth Day

Earth Day is the day in the year that we celebrate the planet we live on. A lot of the focus is on conservation and environmentalism. Reducing the amount of carbon emissions  we use every day and we can create less trash everyday. Remember the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Reduce the amount of trash and energy you use and create every day. Reuse everything you can. This will help reduce the amount of trash and energy you use. Recycle everything around you....[Read more]

National Napping Day

Today is National Napping Day! On this day, we catch up on all the sleep we have been missing during this crazy month. You can nap on a couch, in a chair, and even out on the lawn. Anywhere you can relax in, you can sleep. Where have you taken a nap? Let us know through social media using...[Read more]

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Fairy tales are stories or myths that have some element of fantasy in them. Most involve fairies, elves, and or gnomes in some way. They’re fun stories we share with friends and family. You can learn some from books as well as family. Tell them to friends and family and make up new ones. Share your fairytale with us on social media using...[Read more]