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Lil’ Iguana Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety Is it raining too hard to play in your neighborhood? Try making your own indoors with Lil’ Iguana Make your own Neighborhood. In just a few simple step you can set up your own neighborhood in your living room. What you need: Lil’ Iguana Neighborhood Print Outs (click, download, and print the template below) Scissors Glue sticks Milk cartons Crayons, markers or colored pencils Directions: Step 1: print out Lil’ Iguana Printouts. Step 2: Cut out and color in the houses. Step 3: Glue each house to one milk carton. Step 4: Arrange the cartons to form your own...[Read more]

Bubble Snakes

DIY Bubble Snakes Finally, those mismatched socks you find around the house will finally be put to good use! This simple activity will keep your family occupied all afternoon with bubbly fun! Here’s what you need: Plastic water bottle(s) Scissors Sock(s) Small container (larger than the water bottle’s circumference) Dish Detergent ½ cup of water             Step 1: Cut off the bottom of the water bottle. This may be a little tricky for your kids, so they might need some help. Step 2: Stretch the sock over the opening and fold the sock if necessary Step...[Read more]

Making Math Fun!

Looking for some games to help your child increase their math skills?  If so, check out these games! They will teach your child important math concepts in a fun way! [Read more]

Easy Homemade Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t like ice cream?  With this recipe you can make your own ice cream at home for a safe and easy activity that you and your child can enjoy together! [Read more]

Make Your Own Puzzle!

Click the photo below for instructions to making your very own puzzle.  This fun craft can be done with any age group and allows children to embrace their creative side! [Read more]

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming this weekend!   To celebrate this special day, print and color your own card to show your Dad how much you love him! Download your card here:Father’s Day Card...[Read more]