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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Baseball came early this year with opening day on March 28th. The second thing you need after a ticket is some freshly roasted seeds. There is something extra special eating some homemade seeds during extra innings. Try this easy recipe for roasting fresh pumpkin seeds. The smell of the roasted seeds will fill your house as you watch the game at home. Ingredients: 2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds 2 teaspoons of butter, melted (or oil) 3 teaspoons salt 1 pinch of crush black pepper (optional) Aluminum foil Sheet pan Strainer Bowl Directions:First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (either...[Read more]

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Do you need a last minute dessert to bring to a Holiday Party? This simple three-ingredient recipe is the perfect sweet treat during the winter. Why not place the chocolate popcorn in festive bags or even in drop in a wrapped mason jars for gifts. You can use either white, dark, or milk chocolate to the popcorn for this recipe. The recipe below a simple version, but you can get creative with your favorite holiday flavors like peppermint or adding colored melted chocolate. Ingredients: Popcorn Kernels (or pre-made popcorn) Chocolate wafers/melting chocolate Coconut Oil/Butter Parchment...[Read more]

International Literacy Day

On September 13th, the world celebrates International Literacy Day. In celebration of this day coming up, we are going to talk about Lexile levels. Lexile levels are a scientific method on figuring the reading ability and text demand  by using the semantic and syntactic features of the materials. This is applied to over 100 million books, articles, and websites which help people strive for the ideal reading experience. The lower the score, the easier the readability is. These scores are based on quantitative methods, and therefore do not reflect factors such as multiple levels of meaning or...[Read more]

Campfire Chili Cheese Fries

Going camping is a lot of fun, but sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what to make while on this adventure. So below we have a classic dish with a campfire based twist: Campfire Chili Cheese Fries. Adult Supervision is needed in order to complete this recipe. Ingredients One can of chili (your preference) One package of frozen french fries (if you get the family size, double the other ingredients) One cup of shredded cheddar cheese One large spoonful of sour cream (optional) Marterials Aluminum foil Non-stick cooking spray Fire poker Oven mitts Forks Step...[Read more]

National Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Are you unsure about what to do during the summer that is fun? Then look no further! On July 12th, it is national Teddy Bear Picnic Day, and we came up with a perfect checklist to ensure that your picnic goes off without a hitch! The first thing on the checklist is making sure that you have a parent or guardian with you on this picnic adventure. Once you have that sorted out, the next task is the hardest one: picking which teddy bear to bring to the picnic. You don’t need to only bring one teddy bear, but unfortunately not every single teddy bear you own can go all at once. This just means...[Read more]

4th Of July Crafts

Here is a fun easy craft for the whole family to do on the 4th Of July. All you need are a few stones, some markers or paint, and your imagination. Here all are the steps to make some really cool holiday stones. Step 1) Find some cool rock in your yard that are flat and smooth. Step 2) Find some markers or paint to draw on the stones. Step 3) Draw on the stones and make them look...[Read more]

How to Fold the American Flag

When you think of America, one of the things that comes to mind immediately, is the American Flag. What you may not know is that the American Flag has a specific way it needs to be folded, and each fold has a meaning. Check out the step-by-step below on how to fold the American Flag. Step 1 Have two people on opposite ends holding the American Flag the long way. When holding the Flag, the Flag needs to be parallel to the ground, and ideally waist-high. Meaning: This first fold is done as a symbol of life. Step 2 Fold the lower half of the stripe section of the American Flag lengthwise over...[Read more]

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious and nutritious. They can be grown in gardens and farms and orchards. Some can be found in the wild. All are good for you and are great for all kinds of meals and foods. Now all fruits and vegetables are good raw. Simply wash and eat. Some require a little bit more work raw. Carrots should be peeled, pomegranates should be popped open, oranges should be peeled, and bananas should be peeled as well. But sometimes you want to prepare them in other ways. Some vegetables are really only serviceable once cooked. Corn is a vegetable that should only be...[Read more]

Summer Safety

Summer time is a great way to have outdoor fun but you need to stay safe. Two major concerns that happen when the sun is out is sunscreen, and staying cool. This article talks about sunscreen safety and how to stay cool. On the market, there are over eight hundred different types of sunscreen, so knowing which ones to look for are key. Your first instinct may be to grab a very high SPF, but that comes at a cost. The high end SPF numbers such as 80 and above, are more likely to burn because they assume they are getting better and longer-lasting protection., and therefore are less likely to...[Read more]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers day! Be sure to be kind to your father today. Spend time with them. And most importantly, thank your father for all they do in your life. Here’s a little drawing you can print out and color in for your father. A little gift but is something that any father would appreciate. You can even take the time to color it in with your...[Read more]