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Hanging Out With Your Best Friends

Spending the day with you best friend can be a lot of fun! There is really no one like them. Our best friends go through everything with us. We have the same classes, play the same sports, and most of the time are the same age. Few people know us better than them. But enough with the sappy stuff, here are some fun filled activities you can do with your best...[Read more]

Help Lil Iguana Pack For The Beach

Everyone ready to go the beach? There are a lot of important things to remember when going to the beach. We will need sunscreen to prevent sun burns, water to stay hydrated, and flip flops so we can stay safe from hot sand and sharp objects. Going to the beach can be a great time but, we must remember the essentials. Here is a check list for everyone going to the beach...[Read more]

Bubble Baths

There are so many fun things to do when taking a bubble bath. You can make a bubble beard, or bring water colors in and paint. All you need is some shampoo, some coloring and you are good to go. Bubble baths can be a great way to relax or make a night special with the kids. Here are the essentials to making the best bubble...[Read more]

Winter Attire

With winter upon us, wearing the right attire when waiting for the bus or driving to work becomes much more important. Here are the essentials to staying warm in the cold weather.         [Read more]

Sledding Safety

With the snow starting to fall every child is getting their sled ready for the winter. Sledding is a huge tradition and can be a lot of fun in the winter time. It is also important to stay safe and know how to sled correctly. Here are some sledding safety tips for all those who love to sled. [Read more]

How to Pick an Apple

October is National Apple Month! Now is the time to go apple picking. First let’s find an orchard close to you. By going to this website you will be able to find many orchards in your community. Once you find your perfect spot here are some quick tips for returning and even new apple...[Read more]

Leaf Pile 101

With autumn, right around the corner we know the leaves are coming with it. While yard clean up may seem like a chore there is a lot of fun to be had. Making a simple leaf pile can lead to hours of fun with the whole family and a nice break from our fall activities. Here is a lesson in Leaf Pile...[Read more]

Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety Here’s a guide to let you know when your child is ready to move onto the next car seat! [Read more]