DIY Lil Iguana Valentine’s Day Pouches

DIY Lil Iguana Valentine’s Day Pouches

Here is a fun and easy way to to make a Valentine’s Day Iguana Pouch to store all of your Valentine’s Day cards. Also great for storing candy!

Things you need:unspecified-1


Green Yarn

Green or yellow construction paper

Hole Puncher

2 paper plates

Glue or tape


  • Cut the top of the two plates in a straight line








  • Take the 2 paper plates and turn the eating sides towards each other facing in
  • Take the hole puncher and line the plates up. Make hole punches around the edges of the plates and space them fairly close together


  • Start at the top and thread the yarn until you are back to the top. Make sure not to cut the yarn from the ball of yarn yet, because it will eventually be tied to the last of the string to form the handle.

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  • Once you have finished threading through the hole punches, cut the yarn from the ball and take both ends of the yarn and tie them together to create the handle of the pouch

unspecified-8 unspecified-9

  • Lastly, cut out green hearts from the construction paper and either glue or tape them to both sides of the plates.


unspecified-12 unspecified-13

The final product!!

unspecified-14 unspecified-15

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