Easter Eggs – Decoration and Dye

It’s time to get eggcited about dying some Easter eggs.  For this, you will need white eggs, a tie dye or paas package, and six cups.


First, you hard-boil the eggs. To hard-boil eggs, you place water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Once the water is boiling, you place the eggs in the water. Let the eggs cook in the boiling water for about 15 minutes. Then let them cool. Dry the eggs completely and place back in the carton so they do not roll away.


You can follow the specific instruction on the back of the package of whatever egg dying kit you purchased. For this eggsample, we are using the monster paas package. You will need to take everything out of the package, and this box can be used to hold the eggs while they are being decorated. Place the tablets in separate cups.


Place one tablespoon of vinegar or warm water on the table to let the color dissolve.


Next place a half-cup of warm water in each cup. Stir the mixtures so the tablets fully dissolve and the color mixes evenly.


Next place a your hard-boil egg in whatever color you like.


Once the eggs are dyed to your desired color (about 10 seconds in the cup of color), take the egg out and set aside to dry. This paas kit has monster stickers and sleeves that your little one can get creative with.


You can keep the eggs for decoration in preparation for the Easter bunny, eat the eggs if you safely peel the shell off and the eggs are kept cool at all times, or have fun and let your little ones smash the monsters they created.


Cleaning up may not be easy, but the smiles and memories can make this spring activity worth the hassle.


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