Easy To Make Scarf

Knitting can be hard to teach children, but we have an easy way for kids to make their own scarf! Just follow the steps below and you can have the coolest scarf around!


  • Three straws (avoid the bendy straws)
  • Six large beads
  • Yarn of your choosing
  • Scissors

Step One:
Take the three straws and with adult supervision, cut them about half way.

Step Two:
Cut six pieces of yarn to the desired length of the scarf, and then add a few more inches to that.

Step Three:
Take one of the strands of yarn and push it through the straw.

Step Four:
Once their is yarn on both sides of the straw, take a bead and put it through the yarn as well. Knot the end so the bead can’t fall off.

Step Five:
Repeat steps three and four, until the other five pieces of yarn are done.

Step Six:
Tie the ends of the yarn that don’t have the straw and bead together.

Step Seven:
With the remaining yarn start at one end of the straws and tie it loosely around the straw so that it can slide.

Step Eight:
Weave the yarn between the straws and then double back. Once you have a few rows, push it down the straws. Repeat until you are about a half an inch away from the straws.

Step Nine:
Cut the beads off carefully so the straws can come off too. Make sure that you don’t end up unraveling your work.

Step Ten:
Finish weaving the yarn until you have three inches left of open yarn. Tie a knot with the piece you have been using to weave so it is secured. Take the six pieces of yarn and tie them together. Spread out the yarn so it is covering all of it.

Congrats! You have made your own scarf! Switch it up by adding different colors when weaving throughout or by adding more or less straws!

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