Enter Our Crafty Cup Challenge and WIN A BIKE

Lil’ Iguana teaches your kids to protect themselves, but he also wants to see them to express themselves!

Our little green buddy knows that the best ideas can come from the simplest things. A little imagination can make your child turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. A healthy and happy childhood includes plenty of chances to get creative.

With that in mind, Lil’ Iguana invites you and your children to join in his Crafty Cup Challenge. The best part?

One Winner Will Receive a New Bike and Helmet!!!


Sound great? It is super easy to enter our creative contest. Here is what to do:

1. Donate a dollar at our Resale Store to receive a Crafty Cup. (472 Amherst Street, Suite 11, Nashua)

2. Have your child decorate & transform their Crafty Cup into something amazing. Turn it into a beautiful flower pot, stylish hat or paint it into a cute animal.

3. Take a picture of your masterpiece

4. Submit picture via email to: Info@liliguanausa.org (Include your child’s age and name with the entry picture)

5. Make sure to get your entries submitted by Saturday, May 24

6. One winner will be announced at 3pm on Sunday, May 25 at the Lil’ Iguana Resale Store Grand Opening, Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair at 3 pm.

cup challenge poster

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