Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious and nutritious. They can be grown in gardens and farms and orchards. Some can be found in the wild. All are good for you and are great for all kinds of meals and foods.

Now all fruits and vegetables are good raw. Simply wash and eat. Some require a little bit more work raw. Carrots should be peeled, pomegranates should be popped open, oranges should be peeled, and bananas should be peeled as well.

But sometimes you want to prepare them in other ways. Some vegetables are really only serviceable once cooked. Corn is a vegetable that should only be served once boiled. Lemons and limes should only be served with something else, they’re too sour and tart to have on their own. Rhubarb is something that should be baked with something else as it is also too sour to have on it’s own.

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