Meet the Characters – C.K.

C.K. is an outgoing five year old girl. She is one of Lil’ iguana’s younger sisters. Slightly opposite of her twin sister Alli, C.K. is often described as a risk taker and a tom boy. Her name is Celina Kioko. Celina means heavenly sky and Kioko means child of happiness in Japanese. Because of her adventurous personality, C.K. often finds herself with Lil’ iguana learning how to be safe and still have fun while she plays. Her favorite activities include playing cops and robbers, being with her friends and family and collecting bugs.  Now that you know more about C.K, design this coloring sheet based on how you think C.K. would like it.  Share your children’s artwork with us on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag: #liliguanafun

Click here to download the printable PDF: Meet a Character – C.K.

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