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Our Grandparents

Our grandparents can be our best friends. They are extremely smart and always have good advice. They take us to fun places and always spend the whole day with us. And finally, they have the best stories to tell. They can be funny, inspirational, and just happy. With all these great qualities, it is time to give back and show them how much we care. Here is a color-in card for your amazing...[Read more]

Root Beer Float Day

What is my favorite desert of all time? That’s right you guessed it, root beer floats. We should all take the time to appreciate this amazing creation. With delicious soda flavor coupled with creamy vanilla ice cream this is a treat everyone can enjoy. Here is a quick guide on making some amazing root beer...[Read more]

4th Of July Crafts

Here is a fun easy craft for the whole family to do on the 4th Of July. All you need are a few stones, some markers or paint, and your imagination. Here all are the steps to make some really cool holiday stones. Step 1) Find some cool rock in your yard that are flat and smooth. Step 2) Find some markers or paint to draw on the stones. Step 3) Draw on the stones and make them look...[Read more]

Fun Summer Flower Jar

A flower jar is great way to start the summer and bring that warm feeling into your house hold! Here are all the steps to making a great flower jar. 1)Find a jar that can hold a lot of flowers. 2)Now let go find the flowers. Any kind will work fine but for that summer look we will choose some yellow flowers. 3)Get a glass of water to fill the jar you found in step 1.   4)Finally add the water in the jar and add the flowers. Now you are...[Read more]

Mothers Day

The 13th is one of the most important days of the year, it is Mother’s Day. Moms help us with so much. Waking us up so we are not late, packing our lunch and leaving a nice note inside, or just being there for a hug when we need it. Our mothers sacrifice so much for us and it is time to give back. Here is a coloring card that we can all give to our super great...[Read more]

Counting Up & Down – Activity Sheet

Before spring break, pay attention in class. Alli is learning how to count in school. Fill in the missing numbers by counting by 10’s going down and counting 1’s going across. Color in the sheet for added fun. Share your answers with us on social media with hashtag: #liliguanafun Click here to download the printable PDF: Arturo’s Activities – Counting Up &...[Read more]

April Fool’s Puzzle – Activity Sheet

April first is April Fool’s. C.K. is a playful young girl who loves puzzles. Focus on your nouns with a silly fill-in story activity. Once the story is complete, color in the page for more added fun. Share your stories with us on social media with hashtag: #liliguanafun Click here to download the printable PDF: Arturo’s Activities – April Fool’s...[Read more]

Easter Egg – Activity Sheet

Easter is next Sunday. Print off this free activity sheet to get ready for the holiday. Help Lil’ Iguana get through the maze to his Easter Basket. Share your children’s creativity with us on social media with hashtag: #liliguanafun Click here to download the printable PDF: Arturo’s Activities – Easter Basket...[Read more]

National Puppy Day

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day everyone! Let’s take some time and have fun with our puppies. There are so many fun things to do at home and on the go. Here are some great activities you can do to bond with your puppy on National Puppy Day!       [Read more]

St. Patrick’s Day – Activity Sheet

St. Patrick’s Day is full of lucky charms. Kelvin needs your help unscrambling this puzzle. Use the key at the bottom of the page to solve the puzzle. Then color in the sheet once you know the answer. Need a hint? What is Lil’ Iguana’s message to all. Share your children’s art work with us on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag: #liliguanafun Click here to download the printable PDF: Arturo’s Activities – St. Patrick’s Day...[Read more]