Take A Walk In The Park

When Spring Time is in full bloom, and the kids have been cooped up in the house because of the weather, the best way to enjoy what mother nature has provided is by taking a walk. Tomorrow is “Take a Walk in the Park Day” and we wanted to focus on some of the great parks in Nashua, NH.

The first parks that comes to mind if you are from Nashua, are Greeley Park (located on Concord Street), and Mine Falls Park (located on Whipple Street). Greeley Park is a great place for you and your family to walk a short path to a playground, or to the bandshell. If you are looking for a longer trail through nature, then Mine Falls Park is right up your alleyway. There are baseball and soccer fields as well as multiple paths.

What might make “Take a Walk in the Park Day” so hard is that if you look up parks in Nashua, you will find out that there are over forty parks in Nashua! Make it a family experience and explore as many different parks as you can in a year, and take a photo with your family in front of the park sign so you can see your collection over time! Don’t forget to check out these tips below when going on your next adventure to the park!

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